Jeremy Han is the Director of Corporate Strategy for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, Singapore’s largest training organisation for personal & professional development. Formerly an educator with a Masters degree in History, he left his teaching career to pursue entrepreneurship, before being headhunted for his current position.

Jeremy is Singapore’s first certified business strategy consultant by Gazelles International, a global executive education company based in the US. Representing the prestigious organisation in Southeast Asia, he coaches business leaders and their management teams on making smart decisions to drive growth in their company. Gazelles International coaches companies across six continents, with a combined revenue of US$42 billion.

As a business enthusiast, Jeremy travels extensively to build collaborative networks in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan in the education and travel industries. Being a former Chapter President of Business Network International (BNI) in Singapore, he is a firm believer in networking and building relationships with partners around the world. He aims to be the cultural bridge that brings together the business communities in Southeast Asia and the US.

Winning the 21st Century Game is Jeremy’s first published non-fiction book. He has previously written educational resources for Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd. An avid book lover since young, Jeremy also writes historical novels to stretch his creativity; he dreams of seeing his stories played out on the silver screen one day. He is represented by the Yusuf Gajah Lingard Literary Agency for international rights for his fiction works.

On why he is passionate about business and people development, Jeremy believes that enlightened business is the solution to empowering the poor and enabling them to live with dignity and sufficiency. He is one of the founding members of Transformational Business Network Asia, part of the Transformational Business Network in UK, an organisation that focuses on eradicating poverty through enterprise.

Read monthly business articles and connect with Jeremy at http://www.goodstrategy.net.

Jeremy Han

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Your article on Executive Coaching was quite insightful. It really breaks down a lot of myths and brings out the real purpose of coaching. Thanks for writing this informative piece, especially because I am working on a research project on Executive Coaching and your article gives a very good perspective. I had one questions to you – The business leaders as you have mentioned in your article are from blue-chip companies or mid-sized local firms or both?
    Hoping to receive a reply. Thanks!


    • Hi Renjini

      glad you found this post useful. The business leaders are from across the spectrum of big to small companies. However, what you want to note is not the size of the company that affects their views on coaching but the mindset towards learning and growth.


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