What Does It Take to Survive and Win in the 21st Century?

Graduate from university, land a promising job in a good company, work hard for a promotion and save for the future — these were the rules for success handed down by parents for generations.

Unfortunately, the rules of the 21st century game have changed dramatically. In the last decade-and-a-half, a paradigm shift has taken place in the way we work, play and live. Millions of people who followed the old rules are finding themselves underpaid, unemployable, irrelevant and broke.

Instead, the 21st century winners are a new breed of individuals who play by a totally different set of rules. They possess the 21st century skills and mindset to learn and adapt rapidly to an ever-changing market. They may not hold a prestigious degree or work nine-to-five, but they are able to enjoy the lifestyle, financial abundance and unlimited opportunities in the new economy.

In this life-changing book, you are going to learn:

  • How the Rules of the Game Have Changed and You Can Too
  • How to Develop the Mental Blueprint for Success in the New Economy
  • How to Unleash Your Creative Genius and Innovativeness
  • How to Think Globally and Benefit from Global Trends
  • How to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn to Stay Relevant in Your Career
  • How to Collaborate, Network and Create Win-Win Partnerships
  • Powerful Life Stories and Real-World Case Studies on Becoming a 21st Century Winner

Praise for the Book

Jeremy gets right to the point with story, data and actionable questions for the reader, “How will you stay or become relevant as your ‘career world’ changes at the speed of Moore’s Law?” Within these pages are key principles, skills and actions to take to create the future you want and have impact in your world!

Keith Cupp, President, Gazelles International Coaching Association, Oregon, USA 


We’re living complex days in every aspect of our lives; in business, managers and leaders are challenged to grow companies and make them more profitable.

This vertiginous rhythm makes us forget that the foundation of every company is its People and how they are living this moment. But we must not only think of the people that collaborate today for companies (including all stakeholders — owners, employees, providers, clients, community, etc.), we need to think how we as a Society are preparing our young girls and boys to be inserted in the new economy of the 21st century.

Jeremy presents in his book reflexive thoughts that lead us to rethink the beliefs and assumptions that drive our behaviour, from choosing what to study to learning how to build a career or a new business to be successful in the next decades. This book presents a clear framework to modify our blueprints to reach the peak of the mountain that we choose to call Success.

 José A. Muñoz, SCORE Consulting, Guatemala, Central America


I’ve always found Jeremy to be special, due to his honesty, sincerity and passion for helping others. He has been in the education industry for years and this book is based on his research and personal experiences. This is a book for the new generation; you can learn the most valuable lessons about the current era from it. If I had read it when I was a student, I’d probably be living a different life now. I’m sure this book will benefit many parents and children — in fact, every school should keep a copy of it in their library! I am very excited to see how this book will influence the future of its readers.

Yumi Kitahama, General Manager, JMAX Group Pte Ltd, Business Consultant, Japan



Winning the 21st Century Game outlines how and why the rules of doing business and life have changed, now and forever. Written from a practical, insightful and importantly, encouraging perspective, this is a book for both young and old who are focused on winning the new game of business and life.

Glen Dobbie, Commercial Director, Arowana International Limited, Sydney, Australia



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