Feedback on coaching sessions:

‘It’s real, and should be implemented in REALTA’
Wiwin Wangsa, HR Director, REALTA co. id, Jakarta, Indonesia

‘Insightful with clever tips and making processes really work.’
Ron Felix, Sureclean Pte Ltd, Singapore

‘Practical insights and easy to use tools help to relate the course to real operations. Very good.’ Jeremy Tan, Choon Hin Logistics Ptd Ltd, singapore

Here are 3 testimonials from recent clients:

‘Jeremy has a lot of examples which helps to stimulate insightful thinking’,
Rizaldi, Sistiabudi REALTA co. Jakarta, Indonesia

‘Very energetic and makes concepts relevant and easy to understand and implement’
Ron Felix, Sureclean Pte Ltd, Singapore

‘Great in engaging the audience. Incorporates insights to course plans.’
Jeremy Tan ‘ Choon Hin Logistics Pte Ltd, Singapore

Trainers are open and honest, share real experiences that are useful for business

Lê Thị Hoàng Oanh

Many things taught can apply to reality –  such as defining your core value, core purpose, core customer, brand promise, employee evaluation, BHAG, execution dashboard and KPIs.

Nguyễn Duy Trường

It’s about how to set the dashboard. It has big value for setting goals and measuring the results in progress, especially important in changing specific actions when there are problems or the signal is not good.

Nguyễn Thanh Phúc

Content is comprehensive, orientation is very good for students to study more and apply. The KPI section helped me to solve my problem now. Thank you very much.

Phạm Thế Triển

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